Someone is searching for a manual and I don't have it.  If you have a manual in the following list, send e-mail to the requester and let them know.

If you want your request added to this list, email me and I will do my best to get you added.  It will be up to the person searching for the manual to request removal from this list in the event they find what they are looking for or give up.  Otherwise, you will stay on the list for up to one year.

Sanwa Model AT-1 Transistor Checker circa 1970 Manual and schematic drawings fsreidjj 02/02/2002

Sherwood CRD-175 Car Stereo manual wanted by 10/04/2001

Mitsubishi CS-40507 television manual wanted by 08/31/2001

Technics R-SM215 Tape Deck manual wanted by 08/31/2001

Sharp EL-1197S Fax Machine manual wanted by 08/18/2001

RCA (Hitachi)  Newvicon CC011 Video Camera manual wanted by 08/10/2001

Onkyo TX-5000 Receiver manual circa 1981 wanted by 08/10/2001

Philips Magnavox PM61750 Multi Cam System manual.wanted by 08/04/2001