I've been asked on numerous occasions why I have this site and service available, always followed with a measure of gratitude for having done so. Well, I've asked myself the same question, several times.

This site or service or whatever you wish to call it, was in no way born of some grandiose plan. In fact, it had it's beginnings while I was prowling the stores of a large electronics chain that was going out of business. I noticed in some of them, large boxes of owner manuals that I found out were destined for the landfill. Having been one who was always seemingly looking for a manual for one thing or another that I picked up, I just couldn't stand the thought....so I asked if I could have them. Wrong question to ask of a company who is going out of business. Even though they were going to throw them out, I could only take them if I paid for them but I could not have them.

Now a normal person might of asked themselves as they were handing over their money for boxes of random owner manuals just why they would do such a thing and just what did they think they would do with them. I didn't ask myself that, although I should have, but instead made sure I didn't let one manual knowingly get thrown out of any of their stores.

Once the dust settled, I would walk past my many boxes containing thousands of random manuals and wondered what I was thinking, why didn't I ask myself that important question. But now the question was mute and I had a LOT of manuals so I had to come up with a solution. I figured I wasn't (hopefully) the only person who was looking for a missing or lost manual so I knew I had to find YOU.

I began a very long process of inventorying all of the manuals and eventually published this web page. It surely is not a profitable venture, the costs of the mailing materials, labels, ink, web costs, storage containers and the manuals themselves may never be fully recovered. But I am finding that the manuals are wanted and those who get them are probably getting the only copy of that particular manual available anywhere. And they are very grateful. I guess that means this is more of a public service or a garage sale but as one who has searched for manuals himself, I know you probably can't believe your luck if you get lucky and find the manual you need here.

Happy Hunting, Mark

Thank you for your manual inquiry.

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